cockbarf inquired i love all your personal posts. you are too real. i seriously think you are one of the most fascinating blogs I follow.


Aaaggghhhh I love you so much cockbarf! It makes me happy when you like my posts

much love back at cha dear 💕

woodsback reblogged your post i love when someone complains about “f… and added:

bitches will jock you if you dont thirst anyway.

so earlier you want to reblog my post - and say “lol junkies" - referring to me and my friends. which I let go. im not here to argue and fight. who cares what this nobody has to say one time anyways.  

but now you wanna follow me, and start adding your weak comments of wisdom on my posts, you hoping we’d be friends? that im gonna be like “awww true true bitches do be jockin if you don’t thirst anyway, you a real one, followed back”. nah

phonies and fakes aren’t welcome here my friend. you’re welcome to unfollow, you’re getting blocked anyways. I don’t get on tumblr for interactions with bogus ass lames, good luck with all that.